Alert: gas piping violation sparks concern over men's shelteR CONSTRUCTION

NYC Must Stop Work on Men's Shelter Due to Gas Piping Violations, Neighborhood Group Says

Site Has Had Gas Line and Piping Work Building Violation "Pending" Since Jan 30, 2019 - Hearing Scheduled for May 6, 2019

"We need action now before it's too late," says Bushwick Neighbors United

(Bushwick, Brooklyn - April 25, 2019)   The site for a new 80 bed men's shelter in Bushwick has had two unresolved construction violations from New York's Department of Buildings since Jan. 30, 2019, including for work on gas piping and gas lines.  A grassroots neighborhood group is calling on the city to place a stop work order on the site immediately until the violations are resolved.

In a statement issued today, Bushwick Neighbors United said: "The unresolved gas violation presents a clear and present danger for the neighbors nearby and we call on the City to stop work until this is thoroughly investigated.  We need action now before it's too late.”  

The building has had a series of violations over the years and a previous Stop Work Order was issued on Jan 31, 2019 and rescinded on March 20, 2019.   Click here to see the violation.  

On January 1, 2019, two violations were filed that remain unresolved.  The most serious violation was filed by the Dept of Buildings for “work without permit.”  The violation said: “at the time of inspection found gas piping removed and a gas meter and piping found on the main floor."  Click here to see the violation.  

The other unresolved violation from Jan 30, 2019 was for a “failure to provide an approved construction plan at time of inspection.”   Click here to see the violation.

97 Wyckoff has had a history of additional building violations including an April 17, 2014 violation that remains open for “failure to maintain exterior building wall” and described the facade on the ground floor as “bulging.”  

Click here to see the full history and the violation for the walls "bulging."

The violations over the years raise questions about the suitability of the building as it exists.  The building was purchased in late 2018 by Acuity Capital Partners, whose CEO is Elliott Neumann.  Core Services is the vendor that is contracted to operate the shelter for the city for $33 million over 5 years.

Bushwick Neighbors United called on New York City's Department of Buildings to inspect 97 Wyckoff Avenue as part of its enforcement sweep of construction sites across the city that was announced on April 15, 2019.

Recently, parents of schoolchildren who attend three schools within blocks of the shelter site raised security concerns and Bushwick Neighbors United called on City Councilman Antonio Reynoso to support the community.   Read the press release here

Concerned neighbors should call 311 to register any complaints about construction at 97 Wyckoff.  

For more information, follow @BushwickUnited on Twitter or sign up for alerts at BushwickNeighborsUnited.com.